Attorney Review

Private Placement Attorney Review Services

It is Recommended that an Attorney Review & Edit your Company’s Capital Raising Documents

Certify Compliance with the Securities Act of 1933

Have Private Placement’s in-house counsel review and edit your business’s private placement memorandum template. Our in-house corporate attorney, along with our private placement experts, will review your private placement template and, at your request, may suggest features that should be added or fixed. Our private placement memorandum development process and advising methodology will guarantee capital raising documents that are certified and ready for investors.

Private Placement Attorney Services: Edit & Review (Options)

Certification from our In-House Counsel

There are several Edit Options, which, if wanted, come with a company letter that certifies your private placement memorandum complies with SEC rules & regulations governing private placements. You may choose to have your PPM edited or reviewed by a private placement attorney in:

* 24 hour private placement help
* 48 hour private placement help
* 5 day private placement help

Just choose one of these options (i.e. Rule 504 of Regulation D, Rule 505 of Regulation D, Rule 506 of Regulation D) via the drop down menu in the CHOOSE YOUR REGULATION (REG D) box.

Private Placement Attorney Services: Edit & Review (Benefits)

Certification from an Attorney

A private placement memorandum review helps to ensure the offering complies with all applicable rules and regulations under the governance of the Securities Act of 1933. We put our name behind our Regulation D products, unlike any of our competitors. Your company is encouraged to use our in-house counsel in order to assure that all your documents are in accordance with the SEC.