Real Estate Private Placement Memorandum

Real Estate Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

Our real estate PPM template is one of the most popular, affordable private placement document templates we offer. The PPM is used for all sorts of real estate ventures. Ranging from purchasing houses, or land, to developing condos, hotels and apartments, all the way to distressed assets and more, our real estate offering memorandum can be used for all types of business related to land and real estate, and even for EB5 offerings.

LLC PPM Template

We offer a variety of real estate PPMs, including over 20 for real estate alone. This includes LLC for both equity and debt offerings or a combination of debt and equity.

Corporation PPM Templates

If you need a PPM for a real estate transaction and you run a corporation, whether a C or S Corp, our memorandums will assist you. We over many versions of corporation PPMs for both debt and equity, or a mixture version.

Real Estate Projects

If you are conducting a real estate venture, whether buying land or wishing to develop a project, the dollar amount you are raising will determine the type of PPM you need. Many use the 506 PPM version to raise an unlimited amount of capital, while others seeking under $1 million use the 504 private placement memorandum rules. Feel free to reach out to us to get or view (non legally binding) about the type of offering that best suits your business strategy, both long term and short term, as well as the type of PPM that is best for you.

Specialty PPMs offers specialty PPMs, such as EB5 PPMs as well as foreign PPMs.

Foreign PPMs

If you are conducting an offering outside of the United states and require a PPM from a foreign country, such as a UK or chinese PPM, we can help. we have hundreds of PPMs from around the world that can fit any real estate need or specialty project.

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